About Trip


Blending modern neuroscience with the wisdom of psychology, Trip takes you on a self-guided journey to help you make the most of your consciousness-expanding experiences (aka, "trips").

A trip is any experience that helps expand your mind from its everyday way of thinking, allowing you to connect more deeply to your internal world and emotions. That may include meditation, breathwork, or otherwise.

Trip helps you maximize these experiences, self-discoveries, and growth through intention setting, mood tracking, personalized music, and guided journaling.

Who this is for


Trip was created for anyone who is currently, or would like to start, journeying into consciousness-expanding experiences to improve or enhance their mental wellbeing.

Trip is an essential companion for all of your trips, providing you with a friend and touchstone along your journeys in expanding your mind.

Who we are


Trip was developed by the team at Field Trip Digital LLC, one that is redefining mental health and well-being through consciousness-expanding tools and resources. Our team is comprised of passionate individuals that believe trips have the potential to change the world for the positive — both for those suffering from mental health challenges like depression, anxiety and PTSD, as well as those who are simply looking to expand empathy, increase creativity and feel a deeper connection to themselves, others and the planet.

How to use this app


Start a trip

Start a new trip by tapping ⨁ on the home screen.


Trip gives you easy-to-follow flow to properly prepare for your trip, helping you get centered, set an intention, and take note of trip details for the memory and future review.

Select one of our custom music soundscapes composed exclusively for Trip by LUCID, a leading machine learning and research platform dedicated to music for mental health. Our soundscapes are designed for self-exploration and personalized by your mood and intention.


During a trip, when thoughts come up that you feel compelled to capture, tap the record button to voice what's on your mind and tap again to save the memo. All recordings will be saved to the trip with timestamps to listen to and reflect on later.


Following a trip, record key insights with guided journaling so as to start encoding them into your brain and psyche. If more time is needed to process, go ahead and save your Trip and return to the journal anytime under the History tab. If you opt in, we'll remind you in a day and week's time to return and reflect.

Integration: Turning insights into growth

Your History tab acts as your trip record-keeper and journal to review and reflect on past trips.

Further, the narrative identity feature offers a way to track and review how trips help you grow overtime. On your Profile, we invite you to write down your narrative identity and are reminded to review it every month. Each entry is saved with the date and can be looked back on to see how your story changes as you do.